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Integrating Into Full Self

Shauna Herter Clinical Hypnotherapist

Shauna Herter Clinical Hypnotherapist and Spirit Medicine Facilitator, Vancouver

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Spirit Medicine Facilitator, Shauna combines western scientific, eastern traditional, and modern shamanic modalities to embrace the depths of the mind, body and spirit, gently guiding her clients in Vancouver, Pacific Northwest, and worldwide, to a new experience of optimum health.

Backed by more than three decades of formal training, interdisciplinary study and personal practice throughout the world, Shauna combines this wellspring of knowledge with masterful intuition and playful curiosity to steward your wellness journey. Her experienced guidance and process of inquiry help you illuminate any physical, mental or energetic imbalances, and address these misalignments with an open, deliberate, supported approach. This work refreshes and shifts you towards a pure, authentic and healthy state of being.


Shauna's qualifications include Clinical Hypnotherapy, Registered Massage Therapy, NLP / Neural Linguistic Programming, Craniosacral Therapy, Restorative Yoga, Reiki, Energetic Medicine, and Osteopathy.

Meet Shauna Herter


Services and Rates

Shauna Works With Clients In The Following Areas

  • Self sabotage/self loathing

  • Anxiety disorders

  • Trauma resolution

  • Spirit work integration

  • PTSD

  • Fears and phobias

  • Self esteem

  • Creativity blockages

  • Sleep issues

  • Stress and relaxation

  • Physical and/or chronic pain

  • Smoking cessation

  • Past life regression

  • ​​Higher self guidance

  • Sexuality and intimacy concerns

  • Confidence and self worth

  • Self love and inner peace

  • Balanced nervous system (L & R brain)

  • Motivation and procrastination

  • Overwhelm and stress 

  • Abandonment issues

  • Work and sport performance / productivity

  • Weight issues / emotional eating

  • Anger and temper issues

  • Relief from addiction and OCD

  • Disassociation of physical body

T.P. - Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Mother

I have a newfound freedom and love for life.  Opening my heart and discovering the deep well of love, magic, and mystery of life is the greatest gift and healing I have received.  It is a rich and deep blessing to have Shauna as my guide and teacher.

R.A. – Naturopathic Doctor

Shauna guided me powerfully and gently into my subconscious mind, where I gained resolution and understanding to issues that have shaped my life since birth.  I felt nurtured by Shauna’s feminine presence and totally safe diving into issues affecting many women today, such as shame, power, safety, and sexuality.

L.A.S. – Musician, Composer, Facilitator

It was a precious and unexpected journey into the deeper parts of myself. What I discovered were so wonderful, healing, and empowering. I rediscovered important parts of myself and in other parts, cleared up confusion that had been a source of limitation for a long time.  I felt I was in masterful hands and could really give myself over to the process.
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