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Tailored To Your Needs...

Shauna Works With Clients In The Following Areas:

  • Self sabotage/self loathing

  • Anxiety disorders

  • Trauma resolution

  • Spirit work integration

  • PTSD

  • Fears and phobias

  • Self esteem

  • Creativity blockages

  • Sleep issues

  • Stress and relaxation

  • Physical and/or chronic pain

  • Smoking cessation

  • Past life regression

  • ​​Higher self guidance

  • Sexuality and intimacy concerns

  • Confidence and self worth

  • Self love and inner peace

  • Balanced nervous system (L & R brain)

  • Motivation and procrastination

  • Overwhelm and stress 

  • Abandonment issues

  • Work and sport performance / productivity

  • Weight issues / emotional eating

  • Anger and temper issues

  • Relief from addiction and OCD

  • Disassociation of physical body

Sessions and Rates

As a hypnotherapist, I offer individual clinical hypnotherapy sessions that are tailored to your unique needs, goals and desires. Clinical Hypnotherapy is a powerful yet gentle tool that helps you overcome limiting beliefs, regulate stress and anxiety, improve health and well-being, and reach your goals and desires. 

Couples hypnotherapy can help you and your partner overcome communication barriers, improve intimacy, and strengthen your relationship.

Online hypnotherapy is a convenient and effective way to work on your personal growth and transformation from the comfort of your own home.

As a spirit medicine facilitator, I offer guidance and support on your journey of self-discovery and healing. Together, we will explore the world of spirit medicines and other healing modalities to assist you in creating clarity and intention, opening the mind, igniting the heart, and amplifying your innate power. 

In person or at distance:

$150 per hour *


Individual or groups:

To be tailored and determined.

* Your extended health care plan may cover this service

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